He sits at ease on his bronzed bench

Viewing proceedings with measured distaste.

Deep in thought, reminiscing of times past

When a Nation stood upon the brink of precipice.


Where valiant hearts fought to their last breath,

Hundreds of thousands of tremulous hearts silenced

That we might feel tonight’s early evening breeze cool

Gladdened cheeks whilst gazing at a vast indigo sky.


We cannot know whether it was worth such weighty sacrifice.

Oh, we think we do with our Poppy Day appeals

And our solemn mid-morning salute as we mourn.

But the cost cuts deepest with the noble few left behind.


And you know just by looking at those steely eyes,

He counts the cost every day as he sits contemplating

What may have come to pass but for vainglorious hearts.

He broods that grave equation along each furrowed brow


A poem for you if you’ve ever lost in love or lost someone close: how we remember them



Your laughter hides there, waiting patiently

At the far edges of your mouth,

Ready to possess every pore of your face

From the corners of your crows-feet eyes,

Sweeping gently down those familiar

Lemon-scented, quick, curled lips.

Like soft-padded footprints

Stretched across warm desert sand,

Your smile keeps me company

Long after you have left the room,

Leaving me anticipating your arrival

Emerald eyes pin me where I stand.

Wherever I walk, at all gatherings

Of family clans and meeting friends,

Your laughter walks always with me

Even though photos and memory are

My only evidence left behind

Of your ever being here at all.



Healthy breakfast was a surprise this morning

2014-07-26 20.48.18

Being an early riser I normally jot a few ideas, thoughts or lines of poetry if I’m feeling really creative then turn my mind to breakfast.

A creature of habit, breakfast comprises a small selection of options ranging from indian omelette to scottish porridge oats depending on my mood. Imagine my surprise today when I opened the fridge door and decided on a whim to make a fruit and yoghurt medley in a burst of healthy eating.

What’s quite surprising is just how refreshing and delicious this was, so I’d urge you to give it a try as it was made in 5 mins for those in a hurry to get out to work and is wonderfully great for your body.
* Duchy fat-free yoghurt from Waitrose
* Lemon – juice, one squeezed slice
* Red seedless grapes – 6 or 7
* Honeydew melon – 2 slices chopped into chunks
* Mixed unsalted dried nuts (optional) – small handful, almonds and walnuts work best

Place the fruit into your bowl, add the lemon juice to wake up the fruit, then drizzle 3-4 dessert spoons of yoghurt across the fruit and add the nuts to garnish.

Yum. I know you’d like a photo but it didn’t stay in the bowl long enough for me to find my iPhone, sorry!

I’m not too worried about turning into a health freak, as I still find my head turning to a perfectly constructed bacon sandwich or even better a Lincolnshire sausage and egg muffin from time to time. Mmm, looks like tomorrow’s breakfast might be planned already.

Being Human (dedication to the loving memory of Jo Cox)

Our differences weigh less upon us than the strength of our common bonds

That such a simple truth has the purity of intent it resounds in the chambers of every heart:

I choose hope over despair

I choose;

I choose love over hate

I choose;

I choose to be calm not fearful

I choose;

I choose to laugh not cry

I choose;

I choose to do good not evil

I choose:

I choose unity not confrontation 

I choose;

I choose kindness over spite

I choose;

I choose gratitude over bitterness

I choose;

I choose being human not a demon

I choose;

I choose truth over lies

I choose;

I choose freedom not chains

I choose.
Jo Cox (1974 – 2016)


The moon with its great

One-eyed-insect glare

Bathes the garden tonight,

Even the moths seem to be

Hiding from her searchlight glow.


Perhaps they have all

Upped wings and beaten

Their way high up toward

This beacon, so low in the sky

On this late summer’s night?


Or do they all meet secretly,

Under the leaves and bushes,

Whispering quiet thoughts to each other?

Plotting ways to make contact

With this great eye-in-the-sky.


The moon waits patiently

For the sun to end its vigil

A view of Warlingham Hill

When June’s rising birdsong wakes from watchful sleep,

And hawthorn blossoms shimmer at dawn’s first gasp;

Warlingham Hill escapes cotton puff clouds,

Leaves serenity closer, just within grasp.


When blackbirds chorus their borrowed songs,

As sun rays dapple through elm tree leaves;

My thoughts turn thankful for life’s small wonders,

The gladdening magic these hills gently weave.

When children dance

When children dance, the delight light shines,

Sparkles like fireworks crossing indigo skies,

Cascades as incandescent rays of sun,

Pure, Roman-candle joy Catherine-wheels of fun.


What raptures beam from wide-lidded eyes,

Warm-balm each heart-string like Morecambe and Wise,

Trickles treacle-toffee thoughts down memory lane,

How wonderful life is when care-free from blame.