Healthy breakfast was a surprise this morning

2014-07-26 20.48.18

Being an early riser I normally jot a few ideas, thoughts or lines of poetry if I’m feeling really creative then turn my mind to breakfast.

A creature of habit, breakfast comprises a small selection of options ranging from indian omelette to scottish porridge oats depending on my mood. Imagine my surprise today when I opened the fridge door and decided on a whim to make a fruit and yoghurt medley in a burst of healthy eating.

What’s quite surprising is just how refreshing and delicious this was, so I’d urge you to give it a try as it was made in 5 mins for those in a hurry to get out to work and is wonderfully great for your body.
* Duchy fat-free yoghurt from Waitrose
* Lemon – juice, one squeezed slice
* Red seedless grapes – 6 or 7
* Honeydew melon – 2 slices chopped into chunks
* Mixed unsalted dried nuts (optional) – small handful, almonds and walnuts work best

Place the fruit into your bowl, add the lemon juice to wake up the fruit, then drizzle 3-4 dessert spoons of yoghurt across the fruit and add the nuts to garnish.

Yum. I know you’d like a photo but it didn’t stay in the bowl long enough for me to find my iPhone, sorry!

I’m not too worried about turning into a health freak, as I still find my head turning to a perfectly constructed bacon sandwich or even better a Lincolnshire sausage and egg muffin from time to time. Mmm, looks like tomorrow’s breakfast might be planned already.