5 reasons why having an early morning routine will make you more productive and happy

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am an early riser and take a morning walk wherever I may be.

Well this is true even when on vacation, as my various dawn photos over recent days suggests.

Let me tell you a secret that explains why this habit can make a difference to how much you get from your day.

Our days are busy, fast-paced and getting busier – sounds familiar right? My first hour is my gift to myself before all the world awakes and the social pressures begin. I’ve done this for many years and it can work for you too.

I use this time to get the juice I need to ensure I am fit and ready to be the best that I can be for those around me, clients and friends and family alike. This works for me and them in several ways:

  1. I can evaluate my priorities for the day and week ahead without any distractions
  2. I get some healthy exercise for mind and body to gain clarity and perspective
  3. Dawn is breathtaking any time of year but especially now so there are some great photo opportunities, and I feel more connected with myself
  4. Your mind and creativity is high because there is less noise and urge to meet those goals you have set yourself
  5. With this daily hour I work highly collaboratively later in the day, as I find it easier to keep my focus on those goals I set above, so those I come into contact with get more value from me

You may prefer a different time of day and a different habit, so give it a try and I hope it works for you as much as it does for me.


Healthy breakfast was a surprise this morning

2014-07-26 20.48.18

Being an early riser I normally jot a few ideas, thoughts or lines of poetry if I’m feeling really creative then turn my mind to breakfast.

A creature of habit, breakfast comprises a small selection of options ranging from indian omelette to scottish porridge oats depending on my mood. Imagine my surprise today when I opened the fridge door and decided on a whim to make a fruit and yoghurt medley in a burst of healthy eating.

What’s quite surprising is just how refreshing and delicious this was, so I’d urge you to give it a try as it was made in 5 mins for those in a hurry to get out to work and is wonderfully great for your body.
* Duchy fat-free yoghurt from Waitrose
* Lemon – juice, one squeezed slice
* Red seedless grapes – 6 or 7
* Honeydew melon – 2 slices chopped into chunks
* Mixed unsalted dried nuts (optional) – small handful, almonds and walnuts work best

Place the fruit into your bowl, add the lemon juice to wake up the fruit, then drizzle 3-4 dessert spoons of yoghurt across the fruit and add the nuts to garnish.

Yum. I know you’d like a photo but it didn’t stay in the bowl long enough for me to find my iPhone, sorry!

I’m not too worried about turning into a health freak, as I still find my head turning to a perfectly constructed bacon sandwich or even better a Lincolnshire sausage and egg muffin from time to time. Mmm, looks like tomorrow’s breakfast might be planned already.