Being Human (dedication to the loving memory of Jo Cox)

Our differences weigh less upon us than the strength of our common bonds

That such a simple truth has the purity of intent it resounds in the chambers of every heart:

I choose hope over despair

I choose;

I choose love over hate

I choose;

I choose to be calm not fearful

I choose;

I choose to laugh not cry

I choose;

I choose to do good not evil

I choose:

I choose unity not confrontation 

I choose;

I choose kindness over spite

I choose;

I choose gratitude over bitterness

I choose;

I choose being human not a demon

I choose;

I choose truth over lies

I choose;

I choose freedom not chains

I choose.
Jo Cox (1974 – 2016)


The debt that sets us free

A typical Surrey hayfield
A typical Surrey hayfield

Few sounds, though heard so seldomly,
register with our audio database,
almost instantly identifiable as we
sweep the skies for Spitfire wings.

Some sights swell national pride
like this Prince of the Royal Air Force,
arcing on the wing, fast descending,
tilting his colours at those transfixed below.

We Brits stand a little taller,
spines stretch a little straighter,
chests out, shoulders back, eyes aloft
as we remember past glories, prices paid.

Our words may never be good enough
epitaphs for those brave men and women,
whom, but for they, our world would not be.
Our depth of pride sprouts wings, sets us free.

Copywrite: thegreenfingeredpoet

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